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Batik Workshop

BatikWorkshop offers a relaxing, hands-on experience in traditional batik art. Learn wax-resist dyeing and create unique designs, perfect for stress relief and all skill levels.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Malaysian batik at our Batik Workshop. Whether you're a beginner, our workshop offers comprehensive guidance in coloring and canting techniques. Our private batik workshops provide a personalized experience, allowing you to explore and express your creativity in an intimate setting. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the art of batik, where you can create your own unique masterpiece.

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 Batik Drawing with Wax and Color

In the enchanting world of batik, every stroke tells a story, and emotions come to life on the fabric canvas. Drawing with hot wax and applying vibrant colors is not merely an artistic process; it's a dance of emotions captured in wax and brought to life with hues.

The Making of Batik -
How to prepare the Wax Mixture:

Heat a mixture of wax, resin, and sometimes oil in a pot until it becomes liquid. The wax serves as a resist, preventing dye from penetrating certain areas of the fabric.

Material needed : 

Used to contain and boil the wax. 

Is used to outline the design and mask areas which do not require colour as the design dictates. The brass block is used to imprint the wax as the motif outline. 

Resin is mixed to the wax. 

Oil is also mixed to the wax to ease the canting process and helps to prevent the sketched wax from breaking apart on the cloth.

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